Sun 11 • Loop Sessions Brussels #08 • Kiosk Radio • Bru

Kiosk Radio • Parc de Bruxelles • 15h – 21h

We are happy to be back with a new summer edition at kiosk radio. For this edition we are honored to have Rokia Bamba as new ambassadress.

Rokia Bamba (Le festival Massimadi Bruxelles – Festival des films LGBT d’Afrique et de ses diasporas, AFROPUNK Paris, Genres d’à Côté / Pink Screens Film Festival, MIIaou Party, Festival du film Méditerranéen, Groovalicious, Globalicious, Afrikadaa, La Colonie, Afroqueer Party…)

Since she picked up her headphones again, Rokia Bamba’s star is rising quickly in Brussels and Paris. She is not DJing in just any circuit, but picks out the activist circles of Globalicious, La Colonie, Massimadi where she curates the whole DJ programming. She has a unique and daring style, mixing acapella with groove and punk and many more genres, a style she developed over the many years since she first cofounded “Full Mix” at Radio Campus, one of the first HipHop, R&B and Funk radioshows (1992). She has been a radiomaker since the age of 12, then a presenter for the Brussels disaspora Radio Campus show “Sous l’Arbre à Palabres”. Rokia Bamba also works as a composer of artistic sound pieces.