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Sun 11 • Douglas Sirk • Magnificent Obsession • Cinematek • Bru

Cinematek • Baron Horta 9, Brussels • 17h15 – 19h

After establishing himself as an actor of note in Westerns like “The Lawless Breed” (1952) and “Bend in the River” (1952), Hudson became a bona fide star as a reckless bad boy who finds redemption in Douglas Sirk’s great melodrama “Magnificent Obsession.” Hudson played Bob Merrick, a spoiled playboy whose carelessness indirectly causes the death of a beloved doctor while his own life is saved. Meanwhile, the doctor’s wife, Helen (Jane Wyman), refuses to accept Bob’s repeated offers to make up for his mistake. But when she becomes accidentally blinded, he grants help anonymously while becoming a brilliant surgeon who ultimately restores her sight. A hugely successful film, “Magnificent Obsession” put Hudson on the path to becoming one of Hollywood’s top box office draws.
It’s the film’s commitment to the ridiculousness, what finesses that trademark Sirkian irony, aided with an attractive cast of performers in Jane Wyman, Barbara Rush, Agnes Moorehead and specifically, a star-making act of Rock Hudson in this filmic folly of a melodramatic and unapologetically entertaining classic.


Tue 31 • Call for artists – Expo Pink Screens 2019 • Bru


Call for proposals for the exhibition of the queer film festival “Pink Screens 2019”
In the framework of the 18th edition of the Pink Screens festival that will take place in November (7-16) in Brussels, the association “Genres d’àCôté”organises an LGBTGI+ exhibition in the legendary cinema”Nova”.

Artists of any horizon, any gender, any sexual orientation, if multiple identities inhabit your artistic approach and your visual universe, reveal all your creativity without any shame and propose yourselves!

Send us your CV, site web, blog, Facebook page, portfolio and a letter of intent to the e-mail address expo@pinkscreens.org, before 31/7/2019.