Mental Health for LGBTQI+

Sometimes it’s just too much to carry. Too much fomo, too much fuzz…

Here are some organisations who will offer a listening (electronic) ear.

Lumi • NL • free • chat and 📞

Lumi is the former holebifoon. Answering all questions about coming out, discrimination, sexuality, gender,…

Woebot • ENG • free • chat

Woebot is a very nice and smart mental health robot who will check in with you on a daily basis. Trained by psychologists, it knows how to deal with a rainbow of different mental health themes and offers some strategies how to improve your mental well-being. Top experience!

Pridemotion • FR • € • online

Pridemotion is a new help service for LGBTQI+. For now, support is only in French, but with the team rapidly growing, there will be English speaking therapists soon. It’s a paid service with different formulas.

CHS • ENG • 24h emergency Helpline

Since 1971, the Mental Health Services Centre has been serving the international community in Belgium, providing help to anyone in need of therapeutic support in times of stress. They welcome clients of all ages, from different backgrounds, nationalities and walks of life. CHS has a diverse team of professionals from many different nationalities.

The Helpline is for mental emergencies only.

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